December 4, 2022

About 10,800 Indians brought back by special flights from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries

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-11 Civilian and 4 IAF flights to bring more citizens in next 24 hours

New Delhi, Under ‘Operation Ganga’ to rescue Indian citizens, 17 special flights have come back to the country on March 4 from Ukraine’s neighbouring nations, including 14 civilian flights and 3 C-17 IAF flights. One more civilian flight is expected to arrive later in the day. While Civilian flights carried 3,142 persons, C-17 flights evacuated 630 passengers.

So far, over 9,364 Indians have been evacuated by 43 special civilian flights. seven flights of C-17 have so far evacuated 1,428 passengers and taken 9.7 tonnes of relief material. March 4 civilian flights included four from Bucharest, two from Kosice, four from Budapest, three from Rzeszow and two from Suceava, while IAF flew two flights from Bucharest and one from Budapest.

On March 5, 11 special civilian flights are expected to bring back more than 2,200 Indians, with 10 landing in New Delhi and one in Mumbai. Five flights will originate from Budapest, two from Rzeszow and four from Suceava. Four C-17 aircraft are airborne for Romania, Poland and Slovakia, which are expected to reach late at night and early morning tomorrow.

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