October 6, 2022

Defence Minister appeals to public for generous contribution to Armed Forces Flag Day Fund

  • Over 38,000 beneficiaries in FY 20-21
  • Rs. 133.21 crore spent under AFFDF in FY 2020-21
  • Rs. 33.35 crore collected during FY 2020-21

New Delhi, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has appealed to the general public to generously contribute to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF), which is used in rehabilitation and welfare of dependents of nation’s brave soldiers who were killed in action or disabled. The Flag Day gives the countrymen an opportunity to fulfil this obligation.

Out of the income earned on the AFFDF corpus, 7.5 per cent is ploughed back into the corpus and balance is used to fund the welfare and rehabilitation schemes for Ex-Servicemen (ESM)/dependents. Rs. 133.21 crore were spent on 38,049 beneficiaries under the AFFDF in FY 2020-21.

A sum of Rs. 33.35 crore was collected during Financial Year (FY) 2020-21.The Fund is administered by Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) Secretariat under the aegis of its Management Committee, headed by the Defence Minister and Executive Committee headed by Secretary, Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW). Generous contributions for AFFDF are solicited from the countrymen. Bank details of the AFFD Fund as follows:

  1. PNB A/C No. 3083000100179875         IFSC: PUNB0308300
  2. SBI A/C No. 34420400623                     IFSC: SBIN0001076
  3. ICICI A/C No. 182401001380                IFSC: ICIC0001824

The KSB Secretariat, an attached office under the administrative control of Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence (MoD), is the apex body responsible for implementing Central Government policies for rehabilitation and welfare of the war widows/disabled, retired service personnel and their dependents.  The welfare schemes are implemented through Rajya Sainik Boards (RSBs) located in State capitals and Zila Sainik Boards (ZSBs) located at district level. The major source of funding for these welfare schemes is Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF).

Financial assistance is provided to ESM/widows/dependents for their personal identified needs including penury grant, children’s education grant, daughter’s marriage grants and funeral grant. Some of the important welfare schemes funded out of AFFDF are as under:

Raksha Mantri’s Ex-servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF)

Financial assistance is provided to ESM/dependents for their identified personal needs, including Penury Grant and Children Education Grant under RMEWF. Financial assistance amounting to Rs. 132.96 crore has been disbursed under RMEWF during FY 2020-21.

Financial Assistance for Serious Diseases

Financial assistance up to 90 and 75 per cent expenditure subject to maximum Rs. 1.25 lakhs (for heart ailments, etc.) and Rs. 0.75 lakhs per year (for dialysis and cancer) is being provided to non-pensioners Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) and officers respectively. Total amount of Rs. 22.69 lakhs was paid during FY 2020-21.

Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centres (PRCs)

In addition to Rs. 30,000 per annum per inmate, annual grant of Rs.120 lakhs and Rs. 10.00 lakhs is being provided for upkeep/establishment to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC), Khadkiand Mohali respectively, the autonomous organisations run for rehabilitation of paraplegic and tetraplegic ESM. Total amount of Rs. 168.72 lakhs has been disbursed to both PRCs during FY 2020-21.

War Memorial Hostels (WMHs)

War Memorial Hostels (WMHs) grant of Rs. 1,350 per month per child is provided to wards of war widow/war disabled. An amount of Rs. 23.24 lakhs have been disbursed under this scheme during FY 2020-21.

Armed Forces Flag Day is observed on December 7 every year throughout the country to honour the fallen heroes and men in uniform who bravely fought for our motherland. On this day, Army, Navy and Air Force personnel who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the nation are remembered by observing two-minute silence at 1100 hours as a mark of respect.

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