December 4, 2022

Govt approves agreement on cooperation in youth work among SCO members

New Delhi, Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 14 was apprised about the Agreement signed among the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member states on cooperation in the field of youth work among the authorized bodies of the member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

Consequent upon the adoption of the agreement on 17.09.2021 by the member states of SCO on cooperation in the field of youth work, the agreement was signed by Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of the Republic of India. The official working language of the SCO Secretariat is Russian and Chinese.

The areas of cooperation includes; strengthen cooperation in the field of work with youth and public youth organizations (associations) implementing state youth policy, as well as support initiatives aimed at enhancing international youth cooperation.

The areas of cooperation further includes training of professional staff in the sphere of work with youth; exchange of scientific, reference and methodological materials, work experience of state bodies, youth public organization, other organizations and associations involved in the implementation of state youth policy and support of youth initiatives; carrying out joint research and activities on various youth policy issues and youth cooperation; exchange of scientific publications, research works on topical issues of preventing youth involvement in destructive structures; promote joint economic and humanitarian initiatives aimed at engaging youth in entrepreneurship and innovative projects to increase their employment and well-being; supporting the activities of the SCO Youth Council.

The objective of the Agreement is to strengthen mutual trust, friendly relations and cooperation among young people of SCO member States. Recognizing the importance of ensuring the development of youth cooperation as an element of deepening friendly relations among the SCO member states. Seeking to further improve the conditions for youth cooperation based on international experience.

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