December 4, 2022

HENSOLDT AG announces new Management Board lineup

  • CFO Axel Salzmann and CHRO Peter Fieser to leave the Management Board
    by mutual agreement
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board Johannes Huth and CEO Thomas Müller acknowledge the achievements of Axel Salzmann and Peter Fieser

Taufkirchen, Germany, HENSOLDT AG has announced changes on its Management Board. In the course of long-term succession planning, the Supervisory Board at March 16 meeting approved the early termination of the appointments of Axel Salzmann (CFO) and Peter Fieser (CHRO) as members of the Management Board by mutual agreement. Axel Salzmann will leave the Management Board on June 30 and Peter Fieser on September 30. Each of them will subsequently remain available as advisors to the company for a further three months.

The current Head of Group Controlling & Investor Relations, Christian Ladurner, is to take over as CFO on July 1. Peter Fieser will be succeeded by Dr. Lars Immisch, currently Executive Vice President HR of Airbus Defence and Space, who is planned to take office as of October 1.

Johannes Huth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HENSOLDT: “This new lineup of the Management Board follows our long-term and strategic plan. Now is the right time to implement this next step. On behalf of the entire Supervisory Board, I would like to expressly thank Axel Salzmann and Peter Fieser for their outstanding commitment to HENSOLDT over the past five years. HENSOLDT is excellently positioned today, and Axel Salzmann and Peter Fieser have contributed significantly to this achievement. Through their relentless efforts, they have set the course for the company’s realignment and successful IPO. We wish them both all the very best for the future.”

Thomas Müller, HENSOLDT CEO: “Axel Salzmann and Peter Fieser have contributed tremendously to establishing HENSOLDT as a leading European champion in defence and security electronics. Without them, we as a company would not be where we are today. Both have shaped their respective areas, setting the scene for the new Management Board lineup. For this, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my two colleagues on the Management Board and wish them nothing but the best for their professional and personal future. They will always occupy an important place in the history of our company.”

Axel Salzmann, HENSOLDT CFO: “Together with HENSOLDT’s fantastic team, we succeeded in taking the company public in less than five years. Today, HENSOLDT is on a very sound financial basis and is well prepared to continue growing as a global brand. I would like to expressly thank the entire team at HENSOLDT and especially my fellow members of the Management Board.”

Peter Fieser, HENSOLDT CHRO: “Together, we HENSOLDTIANS have brought the best players on board and formed a highly motivated and extremely capable team. This was not only important for the IPO, but also paves the way for the company’s successful future. With deep gratitude to the Management Board team and the entire HENSOLDT workforce for the past few years, I am proud of how our still young company has developed so well and already possesses a unique corporate culture.”

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