October 6, 2022

HENSOLDT demonstrates Combat Cloud at AFCEA 2021

Taufkirchen, Germany, Germany-based global sensor solution provider HENSOLDT is all set to demonstrate at AFCEA 2021, to be held virtually from June 29-30, the ability to network as well as to “spectrum dominance” can indeed be achieved at short notice and without lengthy new procurements.

Using the example of a command and control system that networks aircraft of various types with ground-based reconnaissance and effective means via data links and is itself linked with other command and control systems, HENSOLDT, in cooperation with several companies and research institutes, will demonstrate that intelligent networking alone can multiply the performance of existing systems and thus significantly improve the ability of troops to assert themselves and survive in the field. Further information is available in the foyer on stand no. F18 of our partner griffity defense and in the outdoor area A04/A05.

At the AFCEA, HENSOLDT will also demonstrate the set-up of a kind of “Combat Cloud” in a realistic scenario. The core of the network is the mission planning system “Optarion”, which serves as a central hub between aircraft, the Army’s command and information system, the Link 16 network and an EloKa system. Demonstrated is the ability to exchange situation data, augmented by additional EloKa data, and transfer mission data to a linked helicopter.

Conflicts in the recent past have shown that individual troop types or units act in relative isolation, without sufficient networking among themselves and thus less efficiently than would be possible. In addition, the proliferation of Electronic Warfare (EloKa) capabilities, their miniaturisation and the ever-growing presence of EloKa systems has made the ability to control and, if necessary, disrupt the electromagnetic spectrum a crucial tool both for neutralising enemy systems and for defending one’s own forces.

HENSOLDT is a major German player in the defence industry with a leading market position in Europe and a global reach. Headquartered in Taufkirchen near Munich, Germany, the company develops sensor solutions for defence and security applications.

As a technology leader, HENSOLDT also continuously expands its Cyber portfolio and develops new products to combat a wide range of threats based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cybersecurity. With more than 5,600 employees, HENSOLDT generated revenues of 1.2 billion euros in 2020. HENSOLDT is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the SDAX stock market index there.

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