December 4, 2022

IAF takes part in Tactical Leadership Programme IN Egypt

Cairo West Airbase, Egypt, Indian Air Force contingent has been taking part in a Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) with Egyptian Air Force at Egyptian Air Force (EAF) Weapon School in Egypt (Cairo West Airbase). The programme commenced on June 24 and will culminate on July 23.

IAF is participating with three Su-30 MKI aircraft. Two C-17 aircraft were used for induction of the contingent. IAF Su-30 MKI aircraft undertook a non-stop ferry of six hours from Jamnagar airbase (India) to Cairo West airbase (Egypt), overflying four countries enroute.

Tactical Leadership Programme is a unique exercise, wherein IAF is participating with its aircrew as instructors. This exercise provides a good opportunity to showcase the reach and capability of the IAF. It will also assist in enhancing defence cooperation between the two countries and exchange of best practices.

During the first two weeks of the exercise, IAF aircraft participated in missions by day and night, involving air to ground & air to air combat scenarios and Combat Search And Rescue (CSAR) activity alongside Egyptian F-16, Rafale and MiG 29 aircraft.

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