September 30, 2022

Indo-Kazakhstan joint military exercise ‘KAZIND-21’ commences

Training Node Aisha Bibi, Kazakhstan, India – Kazakhstan joint military exercise “KAZIND-21” commenced at Training Node Aisha Bibi, Kazakhstan on September 1. This is the fifth edition of annual bilateral joint exercise of both armies and will continue till September 10. The fourth edition of the exercise was held at Pithoragarh, India in September 2019.

The contingent comprises 120 troops from Kazakhstan and 90 soldiers from the Indian Army. Both the contingents will share their expertise and skills in the field of counter terror operations. The exercise will culminate in a 48 hours joint validation exercise scheduled on September 8 and 9.

The validation exercise will be a test bed for the soldiers of both armies as they would be undergoing challenges of actual operations in such scenarios.

This exercise will provide impetus to the ever growing military and diplomatic ties between the two nations. The joint exercise also reflects the strong resolve of both nations to counter terrorism and will to stand shoulder to shoulder to combat the same.

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