September 30, 2022

Joint strategic exercise with 7 countries for 7 days ‘ZAPAD-2021’ concludes

Mulino, Russia, Exercise ZAPAD-2021, a seven-day long multilateral joint strategic exercise which saw participation from seven countries, culminated at Mulino in the Novgorod Region of Russia on September 15.

As part of the exercise, strategic planning, tactical actions and manoeuvres were rehearsed and executed jointly in conventional operational scenarios. The joint strategic exercise included defensive and offensive manoeuvres by the coalition forces to restore territorial integrity under simulated combat conditions. New generation weapon systems and equipment were also demonstrated by Russian Armed Forces during the exercise.

The closing ceremony conducted on September 15 highlighted the importance of joint military training and close defence cooperation among the contingents. The magnificent ceremony was presided over by Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Evkurov, Deputy Defence Minister of the Russian Federation, who expressed his gratitude to the members of all participating contingents and observers.

Besides military training and exercise, the participating contingents showcased their skills in a number of extra-curricular and sports activities including Football, Volleyball, Kettle Bell lifting, Arm Wrestling, Tug of War and the cultural programme.

The exercise has promoted synergy and inter-operability among the armed forces, and will help in forging closer military ties between the nations. All contingent commanders expressed immense satisfaction in the conduct of the joint exercise in terms of standards achieved and lessons learnt. 

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