October 2, 2022

Leonardo: Eurofighter Kuwait program proceeding in line with contract

Aircraft deliveries are underway after delivery of the first two in December 2021

Leonardo is not the subject of a judicial investigation in relation to the Kuwait program

London, As a result of some rumors, Leonardo intends to clarify that the Eurofighter Kuwait programme is progressing in line with expectations and with success in terms of deliveries, contractual milestones and cash collections. 

“In December 2021, the first two aircrafts have been delivered and the others will follow as per plan. “Our contractual relationship with Kuwait has always been based on the principles of maximum transparency as well as full fairness and it is regulated by a contract signed as part of a broader relationship between the institutions and the aeronautics of the two countries. Leonardo has no evidence of issues and every single transaction is promptly subject to procedures and adequacy checks,” a company press statement said on January 25. 

Finally, it is clarified that Leonardo is not the subject of an investigation in relation to the Kuwait programme.

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