September 30, 2022

Rostec develops new collimator sight with unique capabilities

Moscow, TSNIITOCHMASH of Rostec State Corporation has developed new PKM 75 collimator sight with unique targeting and power consumption capabilities. The product will increase firing accuracy at moving targets, it is compatible with night vision scopes and surpasses all foreign designs currently available on the arms market. 

Instead of traditional reticles, modern collimator sights use a dot with accuracy measured in fractions of a degree, i.e. arc minutes. Aiming and shooting accuracy depend on the size of the dot. Unlike existing counterparts with two arc minute reticles, the new sight has the smallest “dot” of just one arc-min. This will significantly increase both shooting accuracy and sighting range. 

The new device also provides for longer continuous operation without the need to replace batteries. This is the first Russian sight that can use high-capacity lithium batteries, extending operation time to 50,000 hours. 

“The new sight is designed for small arms equipped with a special mount, the Picatinny rail. This covers models such as all Kalashnikov assault rifle, special small arms such as Vintorez, AS Val and other assault rifles. The product will significantly improve the firing accuracy, especially at long distances. The design surpasses the level of foreign collimator sights, including those used by NATO. It has already passed preliminary testing and will be demonstrated to specialists of law enforcement agencies at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2021”, announced the Rostec Armaments cluster. 

The sight is compatible with night vision devices of all generations. It can be operated in rough weather conditions, within temperatures from minus 50 to plus 60 degrees.

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