December 4, 2022

Space flights to be simulated in Kazakhstan to attract tourists

Tashkent, Within the framework of Space Technology Conference. Central Eurasia, held in Tashkent from May 10 to 11 , the Chairman of the Board of JSC «NC «KAZAKSTAN GHARYSH SAPARY» and the famous Kazakh cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov announced the plans of creating the first terrestrial experimental complex in Central Asia for conducting model studies of space flights and scientific experiments.

The partner of this project and its general sponsor is the private space company Eurasian Space Ventures along with its founder Shukhrat Ibragimov.

The Terrestrial Experimental Facility will be represented by one of the compartments of the space station where researchers will conduct experiments for an extended period of time. The operability of the module will be provided by local life support systems. Research project participants will work in a stable environment that is as close to isolation in space as possible.

Among the key tasks of the complex there will be the study of life support systems for space activities, medical means of disease prevention, crew performance, dynamics and autonomy, the consequences of isolation and related physiological stressors.

“The space industry is a young area of science and technology for our country, where scientific experiments in the field of space technologies, geophysics, medicine and biology, biotechnology and fundamental sciences will provide us with numerous opportunities to implement space achievements in almost any field of activity,” Aidyn Aimbetov, the Chairman of the Board of JSC «NC «KAZAKHSTAN GHARYSH SAPARY» noted within the framework of the conference.

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