December 4, 2022

To boost war fighting capability, Govt approves creation of WS branch in IAF

Operators of ground-based & specialist airborne weapon systems to be unified under one umbrella

New Delhi, In a historic step for the Indian Air Force (IAF), Government has approved the creation of a new branch, called the Weapon Systems (WS) branch, a Ministry of Defence press statement said on October 8.

The creation of WS branch would entail unification of all weapon system operators under one entity dedicated to the operational employment of all ground-based and specialist airborne weapon systems.

The branch would encompass operators in four specialised streams of Surface-to-Surface missiles, Surface-to-Air missiles, Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Weapon System Operators in twin/multi-crew aircraft.

The branch will contribute immensely by enhancing the war fighting capability of the Indian Air Force.

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